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New Project Awards:

Reaction Engineering International lead a team including the University of Utah, Southeastern University (China), Praxair, Corrosion Management (United Kingdom) and the Electric Power Research Institute to design and construct a dry pulverized coal feeding and firing system for an entrained flow pressurized reactor and to determine how dry feeding affects overall performance of the system. Cost—DOE: $1,229,720 / Non DOE: $307,500 / Total Funding: $1,537,221 (Cost share: 20%)

REI, as part of a team with Southern Research, was awarded a DOE NETL research project to investigate recovery of Rare Earth Elements (REE) from coal and coal byproducts.  Work will focus on the development and testing of a metal melting process to concentrate REEs in post-combustion coal fly ash at pilot scale. The ash will originate from Central Appalachian, Eastern Kentucky bituminous coal.  Phase 1 Cost: DOE: $1,000,000/Non DOE: $289,900/Total Funding: $1,289,900 (22% cost share)

Reaction Engineering International lead a team including the University of Utah, Praxair, and Jupiter Oxygen Corporation to perform multi-scale experiments, mechanism development, and computational fluid dynamics modeling to generate modeling tools and mechanisms capable of describing high-temperature and -pressure oxy-coal combustion. The information generated by this 18-month project can be used by industry and other researchers to assess the use of high-temperature and elevated temperature high-pressure oxy-combustion and to guide development of new oxy-coal boiler designs. Cost: DOE: $1,251,541/ Non DOE: $319,055/ Total Funding: $1,570,596 (Cost share: 20%)

Reaction Engineering International was tasked to create a simulation tool that couples geomechanical, reservoir, and fracture flow physics to allow the design of a flowback schedule to optimize fluid recovery and reduce water usage per unit of gas produced. This will result in less water usage per fracturing job, higher recovery rates of water from the well, higher initial production rates and higher ultimate recovery of the resource. This will allow the United States to continue to lead in natural gas production while lowering the amount of water used. Cost: DOE: $149,932


Meet our REI representatives at upcoming conferences!

Marc Cremer will be at the 2017 Spring Refining and Equipment Standards Meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada from May 08-11, 2017.

Kevin Davis and Andrew Chiodo will be at the Clearwater Clean Energy Conference in Clearwater, Florida from June 11-15, 2017.

Marc Cremer and Matt McGurn will be at the DOE SBIR/STTR Phase I Release 1 PI Meeting in Washington DC from June 22-23, 2017.